James Baker

Former Secretary of State

Wendy Chamberlin

Former Ambassador to Pakistan

John Kerry

Secretary of State

Samantha Power

Ambassador to the United Nations

Edward Perkins

Former Ambassador to South Africa

Joseph S. Nye Jr.

University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard Kennedy School

Prudence Bushnell

Former Ambassador to Kenya

Charles W. “Chas” Freeman, Jr.

Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Melinda Fountain

Career Foreign Service Officer

Frank Wisner

Former Ambassador to India

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs

Gregory Starr

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security

Brenda Sprague

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Passport Services

Pierre Shostal

Career Foreign Service Officer

Dennis Ross

Distinguished Fellow at Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Carla Anne Robbins

Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

Stephen Randolph

Historian of the U.S. Department of State

Nicholas Platt

Former Ambassador to Pakistan

Thomas Pickering

Former Under Secretary of State

Beth Payne

Associate Dean at the Foreign Service Institute

Ronald Neumann

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan

Richard Murphy

Former Assistant Secretary of State

Nancy McEldowney

Director of the Foreign Service Institute

Kati Marton

Author, journalist and wife of Richard Holbrooke

William Luers

Director of the Iran Project

John Limbert

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iran

Thomas Kessner

Distinguished Professor of American, Urban, and Social History at CUNY

Patrick F. Kennedy

Under Secretary of State

Maura Harty

Former Assistant Secretary of State

Tex Harris

Distinguished Honor Award recipient and Career Foreign Service Officer

Marc Grossman

Former Under Secretary of State

Charles Ford

Former Commercial Minister to the EU

Chester Crocker

Professor of Strategic Studies at GU Walsh School of Foreign Service

John Campbell

Former Ambassador to Nigeria

William Burns

Former Deputy Secretary of State

R. Nicholas Burns

Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Barbara Bodine

Former Ambassador to Yemen

Paul Wolfowitz

Former President of the World Bank

Kai Bird

Author, The Good Spy: The Life & Death of Robert Ames

Robert Kim Bingham, Sr.

Author of Courageous Dissent and son of Hiram Bingham IV

Thomas Bender

Professor of History at New York University

Doron Ben-Atar

Professor of History at Fordham University in New York

Matthew Asada

Vice President at the American Foreign Service Association

Joseph Chamie

Former Director at U.N. Population Division

Cathryn Clüver

Executive Director of The Future of Diplomacy Project at Harvard University

Robert S. Ford

Former Ambassador to Syria

John Hirsch

Former Ambassador to Sierra Leone